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My name is Patrick (Patch) Drury. I have worked for years writing, directing, shooting, acting in, editing, and doing post-production on video content. I have also worked as a stage lighting guy, set designer, artist, and writer (I won a Kentucky Press Association award – ain’t no big thang…)

I’m here to help you tell your story. People love stories. They hate commercials, though, unless they feature supermodels or explosions. If you lack the budget for supermodels and explosions but think you’ve got a good story, we can probably tell it together. Since the first caveman threw berry juice on a cave wall, people have been telling stories. Stories tell people who we are and what we believe in. Stories are our way to shout out to the stars, “I’m here and I mattered!” Stories about your business matter – because, hopefully, your business is about helping people – helping them get healthier, helping them create a better life for themselves, or helping them connect to other people! If your business is actively hurting people and taking advantage of them, I don’t want to work for you. Or be on the same planet as you, really. Beat it.

I worked at a church for seven years where I told stories every week. Here’s my reel that shows the kinda stuff I did during that seven years:

2015 Reel from Patrick Drury on Vimeo.

Pretty cool, huh? It was a great seven years. I learned how to communicate what other people are thinking, apply my own aeshetic consistently, and hit a WEEKLY deadline.

I’m not a gear guy. I have good gear and I know how to use it – but I’m not gonna sit around and try to dazzle you with talk about frames per second and resolution because talking about gear to a non-gear person is off-putting. Plus, gear is important, but if you have the greatest gear in the world and can’t tell a good story, what’s the use? Likewise, you could have a crappy flip-phone camera, but if you know how to communicate, you could tell an amazing story.

So let’s work together! You can go to my HIRE ME page and see some of the folks I’ve worked for and how to find out about my rates (Hint – I’m affordable, but not cheap. You don’t want cheap, you want someone you feel lucky to be working with, right?).

Hey! Also, right below here is a place to put your email address in – We’d love to have it so we can keep in contact with you. We promise not to give it to scammers and whatnot. We wouldn’t do you that way, baby.